Apr 26, 2009

the end

alhamdulillah at last, spring semester comes to an end no one can describe how relieve i am now i'm just eager for the result but no matter what is it i think i will be okay because i believe that is the best from Allah *ponder* by the way being a newarkian was an awesome experience thanks friends at least today i can still say friendship is really WONDERFUL because behind all those laughs, fights and tricks there is a strong bond a stronger bond more than any other chemistry bond which is a love bond *smile* ~steamboat party~
i guess there is no caption needed to describe each pictures because from our faces one word is already there we are soooo HAPPY * friendship is a miracle is it?? :))

Apr 13, 2009

nearly ends

its already april
how fast the time is moving i never know and i never realize yesterday when i look up at calendar spring sem is about to end yes i've been waiting for it but when i think and ponder i started to wonder what i got from this 4 months period nice friends: undeniable study: yups.perhaps ibadah: um.ah.what i had done? *wondering* ya tuhan sikitnya ibadah hamba jika diukur dgn nikmatmu benarlah manusia selalu dan terlalu mudah lupa *