Sep 26, 2009

the reminiscence

we used to share everything school, class, dorminatory, foods, detergents, clothes,
text books, stationaries, money, ahh everything!
also, we used to argue
we used to cry together
we used to be foe to one another
and even hate each other
but this is who we are now
we laugh heartily when we remember all those hard times
we giggle when we think about the quarrel we had since 7 years ago

Sep 23, 2009

like mother like daughter

on second syawal
when two of my aunts were watching television in my house
suddenly mak ngah asked a question to mak andak
her question was kinda like this:
among all my 6 siblings, who looks like my mother most
ahha. this question is quite sensitive to some of my sisters actually
so i said nothing and just waiting for mak andak to say something mak andak took a lil time before she said: "maybe atikah" and mak ngah also agreed she said, asmaa and i look like my mother angah and huda look like my father and sumayyah looks like no one. she looks like a chinese and we were all laughing but for me, there is no different all of us are the same we are sisters but later, i smile hey. i look like my mother okay. hahaha. i am proud to say that :)

Sep 20, 2009

eid mubarak 2009

1 syawal-at my grandpa's house, with my siblings and mum
our theme this year: PURPLE
ah. my life had been pretty busy now. with all the calculus, chemistry, and physics stuff
as well as the preparation for raya
and.. i took a long time before i had this chance to update my blog until now.. eid mubarak is here! selamat hari raya to all muslims to my family, my sisters, my teachers and lecturers, and also to allll my friends, either u r in malaysia or in a faraway place named USA enjoy the spirit of raya, that is important *smile* this raya is a bit different i never know why but i can feel it *wink*