Mar 28, 2009

warna warni halloween

who said malaysian do not know how to celebrate halloween?? this is the prove and believe or not we enjoy the night so much

Mar 21, 2009

holiday?? not really

1 week of holiday uh i dont know what to add here i just think i am desperately need of rest i don't think this holiday is enough aarrgghh manusia, jarang sekali mahu bersyukur *insaf* what did i do during this whole week yeah?? sleeping dreaming typing reading studying (very little) *uh* intec.. i'm coming back! summer sem please wait for me! *smile*

Mar 8, 2009

selamat pengatin baru

congratulation to kak amatullah u r already a wife at a young age (for me la) it must be something really special yeah? *smile* selamat pengantin baru semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat *amin*

Mar 6, 2009

how i really miss 18

yeah at last friday 6 march 09 i arrived my school my beloved school smks 18 * funny yeah? staying at akasia in section 18 but i never visited my school that is only 10 minutes from akasia what a bad student i am *hoho* luckily i met pn johana my favorite teacher ever she is still nice nice like the day i left the school and guess what she asked me to be strong and i hope i will be *smile* sekolah menengah kebangsaan seksyen 18 shah alam i am proud to be one of the team and i miss u terribly *ouuhhh*

Mar 1, 2009

another week to go

*malas* yes i really do i don't want to go back to akasia going back to akasia means i let myself be in stressful moment again!! *huhu* aahhaa demonstrative speech to go tomorrow i will fight as long as i can *