Feb 27, 2009

single??big problem

"what?seriously, u r single?" "ur face shows that u r already have one" "how come u r single?get a guy then" * is it too bad for being single?? i love the way i am now i am free i am happy and the most important i know who i am and who i love *smile*

Feb 21, 2009

mid term mood

a week away from internet
i feel horrible
away from the only world that keeps me update
thank God i'm here at last
one bad thing:
next week would be my mid term exam
the good thing:
i only got 2 papers
and public speaking
please bless me
give me the best
coz U r the only one who knows

Feb 14, 2009

saturday leisure

being in Petrosains is awesome * so much things there science history games and i guess we really enjoy ourselves there * engineering video?? i think i was a kind of silly in the scenes acting like a stupid engineer pointed here and there with the safety helmet the 3 boys were much much more professional in this and i am envy of them aaarrgghh * but somehow i really enjoy the day :))

Feb 13, 2009

purse = money + memory

13 Feb 09 no class for today yay.yay! *laugh* but then still i have to go to intec bcoz i've lost my purse my very special thing his very first present for me and today i'm going to look out for it *frown* and guess what as i arrived in computer lab i read this announcement on the door [ATIKAH BT ADNAN, SILA AMBIL DOMPET ANDA DI MAKMAL KOMPUTER BLOK S] wee *smile* *smile* *smile* i consider myself as lucky i'd left my stuff all over the world carelessly especially these 1. handphone 2. purse but then still God gave it back to me he knows how much i love my purse then He gives it back :) thanks ya Allah i think day to day now i know how much you love me yes you are ar rahman ar rahim *subhanallah*

Feb 11, 2009


i know that this is serious i know it is but i never know that i will go through it and i dont even know that i have to go through it at akasia *huhu* it was a sound of something broken that woke me up at first i thought it was one of my housemates but then later i thought it was someone trying to get into my apartment i started to feel scared and thinking of locking my door but suddenly i saw something flowing into my room under the closed door it was clouds of black smoke!! nervous and really shocked i opened my door and found that all over the house have been full with smoke and i rushed to the toilet to see the source oh my God it was the candle it was our mistake and i rushed back to wake up my other housemates as everyone had woke up then we ran out of the house and i without anything cover my head rushed to the guard in charge that night luckily he was there to help us and he was the one to put out the fire *take a deep breath* thanks Allah i am fear to think that the tragedy i went trough may could take my life away maybe if i didnt realize that my house was on fire i would never wake up again and i will never meet my parents my sisters my friends my relatives and he i really hope that i would be able to say to him that i really love him all my heart again altough i know he wont listen but at least once before i die i wish to tell him that thing thanks Allah thanks for giving me another chance to live in your world at least maybe i could show him how much is my sincerity my sincerity that never change *smile* *alhamdulillah* :)

Feb 10, 2009


at last i went for the karaoke today ohh i think i feel more free now when the chorus part arrived i felt like i release all my stress all my assignment pressure all my homework problems *smile* yeah i really wanna do it again i was sooo cool i reiterate sooo cool *

Feb 8, 2009


i have a kenduri today
at section 9
di rumah ninek saka
my dad's uncle
or more precise
my late granma's youngest brother
the closest relative of mine
most people might wonder
what is ninek??
actually it is a calling name for 'atuk' in Rawa language
they call grandmother as 'uci'
aunt as 'we'
and uncle as 'mamak'
then followed by their name
just as additional infos
because somehow i'm proud to be one of them
at least i know another language although i cant speak it out
talking about all this matter
it was really happening at ninek saka's house
i met the cute little shasha
who is the one we're celebrating today
her fair skin
her wonderful smile
her cute acts
her soft smell
and suddenly i like baby
although i never do

Feb 6, 2009

calculus pressure

i started my day with crime solving presentation and i think it was a pretty success i said about all those envy stuff but later we know that our verdict wasn't right but its ok bcoz we had done our job gracefully *weks* yeah then calculus session started waaa.. i got my quizzes result *sullen* like what miss raihana said "simple silly2 mistakes" heheyh i supposed to get full mark if i knew 'how to add better' aarrghh.. kenapa begini?? susahnya manusia nak redha!! *astaghfirullah* then the time arrived * ouh 145% pressure in 1 hour 45 mins the ques were 'easy as heaven' until it made me sweating all over the test oh man this is calculus no wonder maths genius get their grey hair so soon *smile* yeah it is over nak rehat!!! *

Feb 4, 2009

secret and secret

what or where shud i start? heheh me = atyka *smile* just turned 18 las month :) lahir at kl but grew up in subang mmm.. but i did and do belong to shah alam more specifically section 18 where i AM now adding this year 7 years plus another 1 year insyaALLAH *wink* i just got back td gi secret recipe wif my 3 lovely hausmates maryam mimi nadia and kak syazana ate bbq chicken ahh kenyang *alhamdulillah*