Jun 2, 2011

Summer at Madison

Last week, I spent four days at University of Wisconsin-Madison for Midwest Games with fellow 14 Malaysian Buckeyes
Yes, 15 is a very small number compare to contingents from other universities, but that fact didn't make the 9 hours trip to be less worth it
Four days at UW, I realized that saying 'hi' and 'how do you do' to some familiar faces are really meaningful - at least for me
Supporting the soccer and bowling teams, whoahh I think I am quite good at screaming
Lastly but not the least, meeting my best buddies and ex-house mates, they made my weekend wonderful, seriously. I wish I can spend more time with them :')
These are just some very random pictures from my camera and facebook. Summer enough huhh?

I love red the moment I see this picture. Don't you?
15 of us. Go Bucks!
A frisbee champion, as always, Eton. Rindunyaaa :)
Babies! It is hard to find myself like them, or vise versa. It was a special moment indeed. :D
The so-called Lake Mendota. It is amazingly beautiful!

Enough of jalan-jalan
I have final next Monday and Tuesday!
Wish me luck! :)