May 9, 2012

Di Sebalik Hari Lahir


Few days ago, my friend turned 25 and I wished her on Facebook
As I opened her wall, I saw this cute little girl picture and a warm birthday wish from her mother

Twenty five years ago today I heard those joyful words "It's a girl!". My world was complete. Happy birthday to my ray of sunshine, my friend, my daughter. Love you ******. Mom.

Waktu baca wish tersebut terasa macam nak mengalir air mata
I don't know, perhaps I am too emotional
But, what could be warmer than a mother's birthday wish?
Dan waktu baca tu, teringat dekat birthday wish dari ibu on my 21st birthday last January
Ibu's wish was almost the same thing as my friend's mother!
About how grown up I am right now, although she feels like she just delivered me yesterday
In other words, the day she became a mother..

So bila fikir balik persamaan itu, what in my mind was:
Semua ibu kongsi perasaan yang sama ke pada hari lahir anak mereka? Hari lahir kita mengingatkan mereka pada hari mereka pernah bertarung dengan maut, yes, demi kita
Okay, rasa nak menangis pulakk

To the person I used to hug everyday and every night without failure for almost 19 years, I miss you, ibu. Setahun lagi insyaAllah. Tak lama, along janji. :)
Oh ye, ini bukan post mother's day. Ini post tentang perasaan waktu ini