Jul 27, 2009

macee conference

it wasn't planned
suddenly i was there
with other 9 actp students
'Malaysian-American Commission Of Educational Exchange'
or better known as MACEE
yes i have to agree
it was such a new experience for me
joining an educational conference
with 9 american students
my knees were shaking all the time
nervous that i might have to speak up
then at last
my turn to speak up
the question was really simple:
why u r proud of being a Malaysian?
different from my speech com class
impromptu speech really doesnt work with me
but at least,
i did stress up that
I am Proud to be Malaysian
and i really do

Jul 14, 2009

a genuine tale of mine

i misplaced my purse last friday my new purse :( and when a stranger came and gave it back to me on sunday there was no money left
and the purse was damaged i was upset ~.~ but then my mother said: "xpe lah.bersyukur je ic, kad bank semue dpt balik. duit 2 mmg bukan hak along rasenye. cube fikir2 balik.ade x sedekah ke ape ke dekat mane2? igt,rezeki kite bukan hak sendiri.kena kongsi dgn org lain" err.nah! padan muke! she is right. there must be something wrong. He only tested me a lil bit. dah sedih2. aishh.. nak senyum balik lah mesti ade hikmahnye :)