Dec 31, 2009

hari akhir

selamat tinggal 2009. selamat datang 2010. selamat datang spring semester. selamat datang musim belajar. dah 365 hari 2009. terima kasih Allah. (:

Dec 18, 2009

bila kami ke sana

this is my second family vacation cuti ni eh jap this time vacation ke? not exactly actually this is my dad kebun dekat tapah and this is my first time here er first time entering a kebun and it was sooo fun! ade sungai, kambing, kolam ohh actually before coming there i was hesitate bcoz i was having flu and headache so takut lah penat or what but ayah kate : pegi je! ddk subang habuk je byk. gi sne, pening sure hilang so pergi jugaklah on a journey about one and half hour and he was right! it was extremely fun! :)
budak gembala kambing
*just one thing sucks about my pictures there is : i didnt pick a right tudung boz i was sick before the journey!:(*

Dec 13, 2009

it is longer than i expected

i knew both of them when i was in form 1 eliyana, echa they were my dorm mates and yes, we were as close as sisters but then, after pmr everyone took their own paths and i stayed there, at 18 hoping that we may meet again someday i never realize how long this friendship has been going until firdaus asked echa how long we have been friends and echa answered : dari form one, dah tujuh tahun lah last thursday was my first time meeting echa after 3 years and for el, it was my the second time i started to understand yes, seven years is long yet too fast to us to cherish it but no matter what, we are still friends. :)

Dec 9, 2009


*nenek kebaya*
*the little nyonya*
nah! ni lah result cuti cuti akhir tahun ni tengok tv all the time and at last terminat dekat kebaya =.= ingat2 balik pernah ade kebaya sekali je time kecik2 dulu then dah xde dah now bila tgk hari2 dkt tv lagi2 tgk cina cina tu lawa berkebaya i really want a kebaya again!! cantik lah! ^^ can anyone tell me dkt mana jual kebaya yg lawa and murah? *hahaha*

Dec 5, 2009

HIS cuppies

actually this is my first time tempah cuppies bila tengok sample dlm blog tu i was really excited so tempah lah utk 5 disember ni kire mcm first experiment jugak lah and believe me, byk sgt rintangan before everything is settled *hah mcm movie la jugak* tp alhamdulillah lastly he got it but when he sent the pictures em em em i was like er.. i think it was my mistakes bg command tak betul kot so kakak tu do it that way quite frustrated tp xpe lah next time dah tau dah kali ni simple sgt but i am okay janji someone is happy *smile*