Feb 29, 2012

Lompat sana sini


Actually, I don't have anything pertinent to be said today, I just feel like marking this date on my blog lol
I have been blogging for almost four years and I believe that this is my first time of having 29th February on my blog's calendar, so why don't I kindle some excitement right?

Oh yeah, as a matter of fact, I wanna let you guys know that leap year is so special for me
Neither I was born on 29th February nor anyone special in my life
It was just that I skipped grade on a leap year, which was year 2000
Or in other word, "Aku lompat kelas pada tahun lompat"
How fancy I were! Don't you think so? :D

p/s: Yes, two weeks and counting! Bunga dah mula mekarrrrrr and I know spring is here! :)


FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

aah la,
saya lompat kelas pada tahun lompat!!

Qamaruls said...

melompat lompat lani kiranya. haha

eizaz said...

syok ko bejalan en pusing US. hadoiii.. ble la leh jalan2 cmtu haha. weh ble balik msia?

Atikah Adnan said...

@eizaz aku balik malaysia lepas grad kot on 2013 insyaAllah :)