Jan 28, 2013

Final Semester


I realize that it has been a really long time since I put something up here. My last post was about my concern on Sumayyah and Huda - but at the time being, Huda is listening to briefing at SESERI. Alhamdulillah she scored 9A's for her PMR last year and got a school nearby (yeah, KL is just too good to be true). As for Sumayyah, she is working with my aunt at Kelana Jaya while waiting for her SPM result. Oh yeah, she is getting her driving license too. Honestly, I can't believe myself that my sisters have grown up so fast :)

I had my first midterm this evening - and I think I screwed up a little bit. I'm fully occupied with group projects, meetings etc and I admit that I have very little courage to study for this course since it is only 1.5 credit hours... I doubt it will affect my cgpa my any means, seriously. In fact, it is a business class and there is no Math at all (at least for now).

Anyway, final semester is no joke. My capstone design class is taking so much of my time currently since I'm working with a company located 30 minutes from campus area. And there are just so many thinking processes to do! Haih, takpe lah, jadi engineer memang tak mudah. In fact, apa yang mudah kat dunia ni? Please pray for me. Tak sabar nak balik Malaysia supaya boleh bercakap dalam bahasa Melayu di mana-mana :P

Apa-apa pun, Allah kan ada? Apa risau, kan?

Yeah, I will update more later this weekend, hopefully :)

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